The Desperately Lonely Library Book

Our words used to flow across the pages as if carried by a gentle breeze.

Each sentence complementing another as you begin to feel the emotions we bleed, sweating out of our  pages into your grasping hands.

My song of words would capture your every desire and fill your emptiness with hope and courage.

I’ve killed evil with my words of written love and strength.

I’ve brought back life to the earth where it had been destroyed.

I have made rivers run where there was only a dry cracked bed.

I’ve given dreams to those who’ve never dreamt, Sleep to those who’ve never slept.

I’ve held a newborn through its mother arms and guided her through hardships and pain.

See I’ve done many things such as some I have mentioned and much, much more.

I have a way of speaking to those who cannot hear.

I draw in the weak and insecure and release a strong confident being.

But you see the thing we long for most and still have not received is just one who will stay beside us. They come but always leave.

We’ve given so much to many, it should be it’s own reward.

But helping people day by day we are growing rather bored.

We have no one to listen to the problems which we have.

No one to wipe our tears away, really it’s quite sad.

Maybe its suppose to be this way.  We are heros to them all.

But soon we will be forgotten and our words will go unread, until one day two desperate hands will need our help again.


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